Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sampling of Nativity Collector Plates

Christmas collector plates are great for adding to the décor at holiday time. Plates may be displayed hung on the wall, placed on a stand on a table, or set on the mantel.
This post will cover a sampling of these plates, beginning with a German series by artist Hedi Keller.

The plates were produced by Konigszelt Bayern, in Bavaria, Germany and are 9.5" diameter.
The artist presented a whimsical version of the flight into Egypt. We usually see the family fleeing with Mary and Baby Jesus on a donkey; but Keller has them all in a boat, accompanied by an angel.

1980 Flight into Egypt [Angel, Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Donkey in boat]

The next plate in the series features the Magi. It shows the wise men on various beasts of burden – an elephant, a horse, and a camel. The camel, of course, is the one we see most often carrying the magi.

1982 Following the Star [The Wise Men on elephant, horse, & camel]

From France comes the next nativity plate. This is part of the Noel Vitrail series from
D'Arceau Limoges, made in France. The plates are of white porcelain. Each plate’s design is based on stained glass windows at Chartres Cathedral. The artist is Andre Restieau. There were eight plates in this series 1975-1986.

The plate for 1979 shows the Three Wise Men presenting their gifts to Mary and Baby Jesus. Titled "L’Adoration des Rois" and is fifth in the series.

Among the many Christmas plates made by Wedgwood in Jasperware, twoseries deal with the nativity. These 7 ¼ inch plates were all made England. The Christmas Carols series were in the early 1990's - 1991-1995. "The Nativity" series ran from 1995-1999.

"We Three Kings" is the second in the "Christmas Carols" series and is dated 1992.

Tomorrow's post will continue to feature nativity plates in blue and white.


  1. thank you for posting these beautiful christmas items. is there a way for us to place orders of plates made in 1973, 1975 and 1991, 1992. these are the birthdates of our children. feliz navidad 2011

  2. tetes,
    I do not have the years you need among my duplicate plates. However, I found several on Ebay for you to check out at the links below. Hope you find what you need. Thanks for stopping by my nativity blog.
    Seasons Greetings,