Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gorham Crystal Nativity

Sadly, I have not continued to post during the holiday season as I had intended. The end of November found me preparing to host family for Thanksgiving and packing nativities for a display requested by the Italian American Cultural Center in Worcester, Mass.

In this post I will share the nativity set that serves as this year’s centerpiece in the dining room.
It is by Gorham and was made in Germany.

The clear lead crystal is embellished with 24kt gold-plated metalwork.
This set very difficult to photograph, so I made mosaics with photos I found online to give clearer views of the design detail.

The pieces I have in this set include:
Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus
Reclining Ox
Shepherd With Sheep
Angel with Dove
Angel with Gilded Wings
Angel with Trumpet
Angel ornament – 2 7/8”L
Three Wise Men – Gaspar, Baltazar, Melchoir
Inkeeper With Lamp (made in Czech Rep.)
Ram (made in Czech Rep.) The two pieces made in Czech Republic are marked "Shiny Gold™ Full Lead Crystal."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mosaic Monday

So much has happened in 2010 that I have not posted here for my nativity blog since March. In April, you may have heard I did suffer a small stroke and so much has happened since then. But I plan to post more regularly now and to have another giveaway, which I will annouonce soon.
Right about now I must get organized to send out my Christmas greeting cards to family and friends.

Sadly, last evening I attended a memorial service for a dear friend and former co-worker who passed away on Thursday morning. So I won’t be sending a card to her or receiving one from her. However, I am still blessed with friends, neighbors and family that I will be happy to send Christmas greetings.

Each year I save the greeting cards I receive. Many that I receive have a nativity theme since everyone knows about my creche interests. I have framed some of these beautiful cards. Here are some such cards arranged into a mosaic:

During the past year I have found many interesting vintage tree ornaments. Here is a set of celluloid figures, each set in a cathedral frame or gothic arch. The set was made in Italy and features the Family, Three Wise Men and Two Musicians. The frames with the Magi feature a cross above each head.

Here is my try at using these vintage ornaments in a mosaic. (I'm sorrry that the images are not as sharp as they could be):

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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Sad Journey In Elegant Figures

The nativity story ended with a sad journey for the Family as they left Bethlehem for points south to Egypt. Goebel of Germany produced a series of figurines designed by Janet Robson which depicts that journey.

The modelling is elegant and serene. The characters are each dressed in blue and white garments.

Both Mary and her son wear white rimmed hoods:

Joseph carries a lantern in one hand and a small bundle at the end of a staff

The donkey trods patiently...

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Newest Collection Category

As a collector who has a collection of state and foreign souvenir spoons, I just happened to run across some Christmas spoons. Among them I found spoons with a nativity theme! So-o-o, this is the latest addition to the collection profile.

The first group is placed on a vintage spoon rack that is shaped like a shield.

Vintage 1970 Frohe Weihnachten Christmas Coll. Spoon - 5 1/4" long; top of spoon has 2 Candles, ribbon, and fir bough; in the bowl is an enamel picture of Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, and a shepherd in a Stable with 1970 under it. On the back is Klepa Arts Germany.

CHRISTMAS JESUS in MANGER 1986 Embossed Souvenir Spoon
Christmas 1986. The embossed finial has a picture of Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph looking at him. Approximate length is 4 1/2"

The embossed finial has a picture of the Three Wise Men bearing gifts. The spoon is dated 1976. The bowl of the spoon is embossed with Christmas candles burning brightly. Silverplated. Approximate length is 4 ½"

CHRISTMAS ANGEL HORN Souvenir Collector Spoon
The embossed finial has a picture of an angel blowing a horn with Merry Christmas written just below her. Silverplated. 4 1/2" long.

The following spoon fell off the rack behind a display table; so it will be some time before I see it again:
Christmas 1986. The Oval color finial has a picture of the manger with Angel observing from overhead. Approximate length is 5" silverplate (E.P.N.S.).

The next spoon is hand painted in the bowl. "Nativity Shepherds Follow The Star Noel" Made in U.S.A.
This artist-made nativity spoon is a 7 1/4" long silverplated spoon by Wm. Rogers. It has a wire loop for hanging. Rustic wire also holds with small silver heart that says "made with love." It is signed on back, "Joan Rudolff ‘09"
The picture in the bowl shows Shepherds and sheep with star above. Golden wire ribbon with silver edge forms a bow.

The handle is a lovely design.

On the back of spoon is the artist’s signature

Next is a lot of 6 Figural Nativity Christmas Collectible Spoons. Made in Great Britain.
6 spoons, 4" long; silver tone over tin or steel; Gt. Britain W.A.P.M. on the back.

Titles written below the figures
Joseph and Mary
Mary and Child
3 Wise Men

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Cloche Scene

Since we’re all having lots of snow around outside here in New England, I thought to share a special creche set. It is "Winter White," a nativity scene designed by Pam Schifferl for Midwest of Cannon Falls.

Since Christmas it has been on a round skirted lamp table in the living room. The scene is set in an alpine stable made in Italy.

I thought this winter set would make a lovely subject for a vignette under a cloche. The cloche is a bell jar designed for use in the garden. So the glass has bands around and the view is not very clear.

First I placed a white plastic lace doily (brought by a colleague from Colombia) on the table, then arranged the Family, an Angel and a bare birch tree on the doily. Around this are the Three Wise Men with their gifts and a Shepherd with a lamb.

Green and white bunches lend some color. The knob of the large glass cloche is covered with a white crochet doily, tied with a thin green ribbon.

Here all the figures are placed on the doily. The birch tree is centered with the two floral bunches on either side.

The image is not so clear, but the scene is still lovely under glass.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stained Glass Creches

In my other blog there was great response to a glimpse of my pastel colored stained glass nativity in my post about the new foyer light fixture. So, I thought to write a bit about it here, and share a few other stained glass creches.

In the 2006 Ebay listing for this set the seller indicated that “this is handcrafted by a local art teacher, all proceeds from sale will go to support his non-profit private Christian school.”
In this set of seven pieces, the figures range from 4 to 11 inches in height. Hand crafted in Virginia, the figures include Mary with Jesus, Joseph, Three Wise Men, a Donkey and a Sheep

Viewed from the other side:

Placed nearby is another stained glass nativity set, but this one is in deep jewel tones:

This 7-piece set includes a Star and 10” H stand, along with Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus, an Angel and Three Wise Men.

This one-piece Family mounted is placed on a shelf in the stairwell picture gallery. At about 7” tall, it shows Joseph, Baby Jesus and Mary in lovely colors of blue and green.

This stylized nativity is made from a panels of stained glass framed in pewter.
Because this is a split entry, from the picture stairwell you can look past this piece to see the large pastel set on the ledge above.

Here is a little (3 1/8” tall) nativity scene is made up of pewter figures of Joseph, Baby Jesus, and Mary in front of round stained glass with shooting Star. The base is of brass and it is made in Italy

Next is a stained glass nativity candle holder. It is 8"tall by 6" wide and has a glass base with a metal candle holder. It shows Mary, Baby Jesus in Manger, and Joseph with staff.

I also have some thrift store stained glass nativity items. Here tea light anndle holders provide illumination to a Family scene and Christmas Tree:

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