Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stained Glass Creches

In my other blog there was great response to a glimpse of my pastel colored stained glass nativity in my post about the new foyer light fixture. So, I thought to write a bit about it here, and share a few other stained glass creches.

In the 2006 Ebay listing for this set the seller indicated that “this is handcrafted by a local art teacher, all proceeds from sale will go to support his non-profit private Christian school.”
In this set of seven pieces, the figures range from 4 to 11 inches in height. Hand crafted in Virginia, the figures include Mary with Jesus, Joseph, Three Wise Men, a Donkey and a Sheep

Viewed from the other side:

Placed nearby is another stained glass nativity set, but this one is in deep jewel tones:

This 7-piece set includes a Star and 10” H stand, along with Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus, an Angel and Three Wise Men.

This one-piece Family mounted is placed on a shelf in the stairwell picture gallery. At about 7” tall, it shows Joseph, Baby Jesus and Mary in lovely colors of blue and green.

This stylized nativity is made from a panels of stained glass framed in pewter.
Because this is a split entry, from the picture stairwell you can look past this piece to see the large pastel set on the ledge above.

Here is a little (3 1/8” tall) nativity scene is made up of pewter figures of Joseph, Baby Jesus, and Mary in front of round stained glass with shooting Star. The base is of brass and it is made in Italy

Next is a stained glass nativity candle holder. It is 8"tall by 6" wide and has a glass base with a metal candle holder. It shows Mary, Baby Jesus in Manger, and Joseph with staff.

I also have some thrift store stained glass nativity items. Here tea light anndle holders provide illumination to a Family scene and Christmas Tree:

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  1. Beautiful. I especially love the first nativity set.

    Are you still interested in doing a write up for my Christmas blog?

  2. OOoohhhh, I really like the second set... I guess because it has more dimension. It's not flat. They are all wonderful though.

  3. Gorgeous art pieces! The first on is my favorite.