Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Cloche Scene

Since we’re all having lots of snow around outside here in New England, I thought to share a special creche set. It is "Winter White," a nativity scene designed by Pam Schifferl for Midwest of Cannon Falls.

Since Christmas it has been on a round skirted lamp table in the living room. The scene is set in an alpine stable made in Italy.

I thought this winter set would make a lovely subject for a vignette under a cloche. The cloche is a bell jar designed for use in the garden. So the glass has bands around and the view is not very clear.

First I placed a white plastic lace doily (brought by a colleague from Colombia) on the table, then arranged the Family, an Angel and a bare birch tree on the doily. Around this are the Three Wise Men with their gifts and a Shepherd with a lamb.

Green and white bunches lend some color. The knob of the large glass cloche is covered with a white crochet doily, tied with a thin green ribbon.

Here all the figures are placed on the doily. The birch tree is centered with the two floral bunches on either side.

The image is not so clear, but the scene is still lovely under glass.

This post is linked to Marty’s Winter Cloche Party at A Stroll Thru Life. Enjoy the creative vignettes of all the participants by checking the list at her blog.


  1. I think your Cloche is wonderful...I just love Nativity scenes...

  2. Your cloche is gorgeous, I havn't seen one like it. So pretty. All of your Nativity sceens are just stunning. I also just love the idea of the small doilly tied on the knob. That is such a great idea and so pretty. I am always so inspired by all of the wonderful vignettes. Thank you so much for joining the party. This is so much fun and inspiring. Hugs, Marty

  3. The doilies with the cloche make a great combination!

  4. Great nativities. I see you keep them up year long. They are stunning. Blessing, Martha

  5. Very pretty Nativity cloche display! I enjoyed using cloches with my Nativities Christmas too.


  6. LOVE nativity scenes. Yours looks great in a cloche. Lezlee

  7. just got my first cloche. your sweet winter cloche featuring the nativity is wonderful!

  8. Martha @ Martha's Favorites -
    Yes, I keep some out all year in various rooms of the house. However, in order to display the majority of the collection, I turned my den into a display gallery, and named it Carola Nativity Gallery. This blog is to share aspects of the collection throughout the year, but most intensively, during October,November, and December.