Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Newest Collection Category

As a collector who has a collection of state and foreign souvenir spoons, I just happened to run across some Christmas spoons. Among them I found spoons with a nativity theme! So-o-o, this is the latest addition to the collection profile.

The first group is placed on a vintage spoon rack that is shaped like a shield.

Vintage 1970 Frohe Weihnachten Christmas Coll. Spoon - 5 1/4" long; top of spoon has 2 Candles, ribbon, and fir bough; in the bowl is an enamel picture of Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, and a shepherd in a Stable with 1970 under it. On the back is Klepa Arts Germany.

CHRISTMAS JESUS in MANGER 1986 Embossed Souvenir Spoon
Christmas 1986. The embossed finial has a picture of Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph looking at him. Approximate length is 4 1/2"

The embossed finial has a picture of the Three Wise Men bearing gifts. The spoon is dated 1976. The bowl of the spoon is embossed with Christmas candles burning brightly. Silverplated. Approximate length is 4 ½"

CHRISTMAS ANGEL HORN Souvenir Collector Spoon
The embossed finial has a picture of an angel blowing a horn with Merry Christmas written just below her. Silverplated. 4 1/2" long.

The following spoon fell off the rack behind a display table; so it will be some time before I see it again:
Christmas 1986. The Oval color finial has a picture of the manger with Angel observing from overhead. Approximate length is 5" silverplate (E.P.N.S.).

The next spoon is hand painted in the bowl. "Nativity Shepherds Follow The Star Noel" Made in U.S.A.
This artist-made nativity spoon is a 7 1/4" long silverplated spoon by Wm. Rogers. It has a wire loop for hanging. Rustic wire also holds with small silver heart that says "made with love." It is signed on back, "Joan Rudolff ‘09"
The picture in the bowl shows Shepherds and sheep with star above. Golden wire ribbon with silver edge forms a bow.

The handle is a lovely design.

On the back of spoon is the artist’s signature

Next is a lot of 6 Figural Nativity Christmas Collectible Spoons. Made in Great Britain.
6 spoons, 4" long; silver tone over tin or steel; Gt. Britain W.A.P.M. on the back.

Titles written below the figures
Joseph and Mary
Mary and Child
3 Wise Men

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  1. What a lovely part of your collection. I will have to start looking for some of these.

  2. Blogging Friend, nice collection of spoons! It is nice to have a small yet intricate collection that is easy to display and store. Joan

  3. What a unique collection! I will have to pay more attention when I go antiquing.
    Stop by Applejack Lane if you have the opportunity.

  4. I have never seen these before...this is a wonderful collection!

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