Monday, March 23, 2009

Blue Monday – Portuguese Collector's Plate

Blue Monday is a delightful weekly feature sponsored by Sally at Smiling Sally.
The only item in the collection from the country of Portugal is a lovely collector’s plate..
Dated 1994, the plate is an 8 ½" rounded square. The back of the plate says, "NG Porcelanas, NATAL 1994, edicao limitada de 1500 pratos" (NG Porcelanas, CHRISTMAS 1994, limited edition of 1500 plates).
The design by by artist Batista depicts Joseph or a Shepherd with a lamb and Mary with Jesus on her lap.

This exquisite plate is white, with navy blue, light blue and embellished with gold (metallic)

As the only Portuguese item in the collection, it is a delight to own.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage Plate by Hudson Fine Pewter

The item I am sharing today was made in Massachusetts, in 1979 by Hudson Fine Pewter. The plate is 5 3/4 inches in diameter, and was published in a Limited Edition.

Depicted on the plate is a manger scene with angels and sheep around the Baby Jesus. It was sculpted by Albert C. Petitto. The detail is very fine.

The back of plate reads:
"While Jesus lay asleep in peace,
radiant with love,
God sent his littlest angels
with candles from above
– RoseMary"

The border of the plate has a finely detailed design of poinsettias, holly berries and leaves. In addition, four bows help to anchor the design.

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