Monday, November 8, 2010

Mosaic Monday

So much has happened in 2010 that I have not posted here for my nativity blog since March. In April, you may have heard I did suffer a small stroke and so much has happened since then. But I plan to post more regularly now and to have another giveaway, which I will annouonce soon.
Right about now I must get organized to send out my Christmas greeting cards to family and friends.

Sadly, last evening I attended a memorial service for a dear friend and former co-worker who passed away on Thursday morning. So I won’t be sending a card to her or receiving one from her. However, I am still blessed with friends, neighbors and family that I will be happy to send Christmas greetings.

Each year I save the greeting cards I receive. Many that I receive have a nativity theme since everyone knows about my creche interests. I have framed some of these beautiful cards. Here are some such cards arranged into a mosaic:

During the past year I have found many interesting vintage tree ornaments. Here is a set of celluloid figures, each set in a cathedral frame or gothic arch. The set was made in Italy and features the Family, Three Wise Men and Two Musicians. The frames with the Magi feature a cross above each head.

Here is my try at using these vintage ornaments in a mosaic. (I'm sorrry that the images are not as sharp as they could be):

Please visit Mary at Little Red House for more creative photo collages.