Monday, March 23, 2009

Blue Monday – Portuguese Collector's Plate

Blue Monday is a delightful weekly feature sponsored by Sally at Smiling Sally.
The only item in the collection from the country of Portugal is a lovely collector’s plate..
Dated 1994, the plate is an 8 ½" rounded square. The back of the plate says, "NG Porcelanas, NATAL 1994, edicao limitada de 1500 pratos" (NG Porcelanas, CHRISTMAS 1994, limited edition of 1500 plates).
The design by by artist Batista depicts Joseph or a Shepherd with a lamb and Mary with Jesus on her lap.

This exquisite plate is white, with navy blue, light blue and embellished with gold (metallic)

As the only Portuguese item in the collection, it is a delight to own.

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  1. It's a delight to see too! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Love the moon and the stars on the blue background - beautiful :)

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  3. The style of this is unusual also. I'm wondering how Mary is going to handle holding onto that big baby AND a lamb? I's symbolic!

  4. Awwww - what a lovely plate, Carrrie.

  5. Love the plate and what a unique blog.

  6. Love it! Happy blue Monday!

  7. Elizabeth -- Yes, the baby is really big! He seems to be a toddler already - which I've heard that the wise men probably didn't arrive for a year or more, so he would not have been a babe in arms.
    The artist of the plate design has a contemporary style that has a lot of exhuberance. Many of my plates done by artists have interesting takes on the subject matter. One such is the German, Hedi Kellar, which I showed in one of my posts. The family travels to Egypt in a boat rather than by traditionally portrayed donkey.

  8. Beautiful plate...Happy Blue Monday...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. oh, you have the greatest site! i am so glad to have found you through the blue Monday. I have always wondered if there was a Nativity with dark skinned Mary Joseph baby Jesus etc... what a delight it was to see your collections. i have only recently started to collect them, seeing all of yours is just exciting.

  10. Love this, Carrie! You have the most amazing collection I've ever seen, and I never tire of seeing more.


    Sheila... hope you'll enter my giveaway after I won yours! :-)

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