Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Nativity Scene in Many Languages

Having looked at a number of nativity scenes from various nations, we might wonder what word is used for naming them in the various countries. Here is some information of interest.

The words for nativity scene used in several languages have their origin in the Low Latin word cripia meaning manger.

English – crib

French – creche

German – krippe

Polish – szopka

Russian – wertep

Swedish – krubba

Below are other words for the nativity scene listed by language.

Czech – jeslicky

Danish - Julekrybbe

English - manger

German – putz
German - weihnachtskrippe

Italian – presepio

Portugese - presépio

Spanish - pesebre
Spanish – belen

Spanish – nacimiento



  1. Hello Carrie,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    The Greek word is "fatne" (pronounced as "fatnee". The word originally meant "to bind", as in binding together branches to make a basket or to tie an animal.
    This is the first Christmas post I read. That was so nice!

  2. Thank you, Irene,
    I've added Greek to the list.

  3. bellissimo! questo presepe!!
    buona giornata