Thursday, October 29, 2009

More One-Piece Depictions of the Holy Family

I noticed that I two other one-piece nativities when I wrote the October 27 post. All of these are part of the Crèche Tableau category of my collection.

This handpainted holy family was made by the Demetz Art Studio in Italy.

It is 7" tall x 6" wide x 4 1/4"deep and has a wood base. The piece has very graceful and flowing lines:

The bottom of base has an embedded gold color disc that identifies this as a Vincenzo Demetz Figlio piece.

Next is a 12" tall stylized nativity named "Divinity." It is from Enesco’s Mahogany Miracle Series.

This series is designed by artist Ed van Rosemalen of the Netherlands. His family owns Parastone a renown European firm that is now also a manufacturer of collectibles lines such as Mahogany Miracle and Mahogany Princess.

On the bottom the stickers read: "Mahogany Miracle/ 754463/ "Divinity"/ c2000 Parastone/ Licensee Enesco Group, Inc." & "Made in China."

An earlier post presented the Mahogany Miracle nativity set, which has around a dozen pieces.

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