Monday, November 2, 2009

Selected Nativity Bells

Christmas bells with a nativity theme provide an easy way to have a decorative touch on your desk, table or shelf.

Here are a few examples from the Carola Nativity collection; five of the seven have blue in their design:
First up is a ceramic blue and white “Journey to Bethlehem Bell.” It is from Hallmark Cards, Inc. Made in Thailand, it is dated 2001.
It has a blue ground with a white relief illustration of Bethlehem. The handle is a sculpture of Mary/ Baby Jesus/ Joseph.
White gauze ribbon loop for hanging.

This beige ceramic is carved with nativity scene around entire bell. Made in the Philippines.
5”T. On inside of bell: ”National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows – Belville, Illinois. Made in the Philippines.”
Front of bell: Ox/ Lamb/ Mary/ Baby Jesus/ Joseph/ Lamb/ Donkey
Back: Four more lambs, with small stars sprinkled above them.

Porcelain bell, fired in Bethlehem. "Glad Tidings" by Robert E. Ahlcrona for Royal Cornwall. Fired in Israel.
6.5” tall. Bishop Maximus of Nazareth and Galilee signed each piece, along with his official seal stamped on each. The Archimandrite Gregorio Chief Abbot of Bethlehem also signed each piece and they are each stamped with his seal. The Artist, Robert E. Ahlcrona also signed each Glad Tidings piece. "Glad Tidings " is an original painting by the contemporary master artist Robert Edgar Ahlcrona.
The Angel announces Christ’s birth to Shepherds.
On the back: Inscription about this edition.

This cream ceramic Nativity Scene Bell is by Homco (American) Made in Taiwan.
It is 6” tall and the handle depicts the Star of Bethlehem.
On the front: Pastel picture of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and reclining lamb
Back: Three standing lambs
The next two bells are part of a long series of Christmas bells. They are both 6" tall and made in West Germany using the art of Sister Berta Hummel and produced by Schmid Bros..

The first is 36 years old, made in 1973.
On the front: White ground with color illustration of 2 Angels/Joseph/ Baby Jesus/ Mary/Lamb

On Back "Christmas 1973" in gold.

"Angel’s Light" is dated 1990.
On the front: A white ground with a color illustration of an Angel with a large candle with Baby Jesus in the manger.

On Back "Christmas 1990" in gold.

From Spain is this white and lavender bisque porcelain Nativity bell. The maker is Lladrò and it is 3 ¼” tall. “Embossed with a nativity scene of Joseph/Jesus/Mary in snowy Bethlehem, it is banded in light lavender over white bisque.” Dated 1991 on front, it has a lavender ribbon for hanging.

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  1. Exquisite, Carrie! Happy Blue Monday.

  2. You have a beautiful collection. I really love Lladro products too.

    Fantastic blog-can't wait to see some more soon.
    Best wishes, NM.

  3. What a very nice collection of bells, I'm also a Lladro fan.
    Happy Tuesday.

  4. Carrie, your collection never ceases to amaze me. I hadn't thought of nativity bells! This is neat!

  5. I have never seen such a large collection of bells. They are so beautiful! I love Lladro myself, and the way you have them displayed is lovely!

    Happy Three Or More Tuesday, Carrie!


  6. Maggie B:
    I also have a Lladro nativity set and a set of Lladro nativity figure ornaments.
    The ornaments were shown in the following post:


  7. Oh are you the person that has a room filled with just nativity things??? I referred to you in a comment I made somewhere---not sure you are the one! Oh, I saw the thing on your sidebar about mepkin abbey--that is here in SC--I have been there , but not for the display!

  8. Nannykim,
    Yes, I am the one (as described in my first two blog posts!)

    I would enjoy visiting the Mepkin seems to be a beautiful place.

  9. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^