Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One-Piece Depictions of the Holy Family

While there are many nativity depictions of the central figures (the Holy Family), which are presented as one unit, they often just have the individual figures linked but are actually sculpted as separate figures.

In this example the Joseph figure seems separate from the one of Mary and Baby Jesus. But they are attached as one piece.

Other one-piece nativities, - the subject of this post -- are designed with sculptural fluidity and denote the figures as emerging from one piece of material. Here are four examples from my collection.

This marble-look sculpture is very graceful. It is 9 inches tall.

This Olive wood piece was made in the Holy Land and is 9 ½ inches tall.The sculptor used the grain of the wood to suggest fabric draping.

This 12 ½ inch piece is actually also a music box. It plays "Oh Holy Night" The figures seem to emerge from a tree trunk which is spangled with the Star of Bethlehem.

This 9 ¼ inch Holy Family piece has a 10 inch companion piece depicting the Three Wise Men

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  1. What a beautiful collection and each history is so interesting. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What a beautiful collection! I especially love the carved olivewood. A friend brought olivewood candlesticks to me from Israel. I've been intrigued by it since. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm a big Christmas fan and I love your faux marble nativity set. I'm still looking for a very beautiful set. For the moment I'm using a Cativity set with cats (yep I'm a catlover) and a Tricks and Tails nativity set with mice. I know they are not what you first think of when you say nativity set but they have given me much pleasure in the years.

  4. Poppedijne –
    I too enjoy Christmas and most everything that has to do with Christmas time. Your comment about your animal nativities is interesting because the Friends of the Creche (a nativity collector’s society I belong to) had a survey recently about using animals to depict the story of the nativity.
    Of course, no one can challenge another person’s choice or taste for their own personal enjoyment.
    I have several whimsical nativities - including a Cherished Teddies one, which I will share in a post.

  5. Carrie, I love these. So beautiful. I was thinking of you when I posted today. I did an "In Memory" post and featured a stained glass window that has the Apostles Creed on it.


    Sheila :-)

  6. Such a beautiful collection - -I am especially smitten with the one that is made of "swoops" of marble. So amazingly fluid and graceful.
    Lovely, all of them.