Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue Monday – A Special Bing and Grondahl Christmas Plate

Blue Monday is a delightful weekly feature sponsored by Sally at Smiling Sally.

Today I would like to share another Christmas collector plate. This one was the 1991 Christmas plate from Bing & Grondahl, made in Denmark. The Christmas plate series is a long one going back to the 1890’s. The 2009 edition will be the 115th Christmas plate.

During its long run as a series, there have been very few with a nativity theme. In 1911 the 17th plate in the series was titled "Angel and Shepherds." Then in 1922 , the 28th plate was named "Star of Bethlehem." Here is a photo of my plate; it shows the town of Bethlehem with the star above:

The title for the 1991 plate has a contemporary ring, "The Holy Family as Refugees." We see so much in the news about international refugees nowadays, that we can certainly realize how difficult it must have been for the Holy Family to flee their homeland and Herod’s soldiers.

The plate shows Joseph leading a Donkey carrying Mary and Jesus, Star above and pyramid in the distance.
Printed on the back of the 7 1/8" diameter plate: "The Holy Family as Refugees Mary and Joseph with the infant Jesus fled oppression, even as millions of people have done throughout history. The Holy Family was able to go home again, but other refugees have had to start live over in new lands. Giving them a helping hand affirms the inestimable value of human lives."

I can certainly hope that Bing and Grondahl will produce more Christmas plates with a nativity theme soon.
See Allens, Inc. for photos of the various series of Bing and Grondahl collector plates.

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  1. I'm so glad you participate in this meme. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Hi -- I gave this Nativity plate as a Christmas gift to all my siblings -- love it! Thanks for reminding me; I've still got it packed away from our move.

  3. Hi Carrie,
    How lovely those plates are. Thank you for sharing them with us. Happy Blue Monday!


  4. A beautiful and meaningful plate. a story that we never get tired of seeing and hearing. Thank you for sharing your lovely plate.


  5. What a beautiful plate, the blue also makes it unique. You have such great collections!


  6. Such beautiful plates. The Star of Bethlehem has such a "magic" in it. So, so pretty!

  7. I just love your beautiful Christmas plates!..Christine

  8. This is just a beautiful plate. Thank you for sharing the history of it. 115th year!!!

    Happy Blue Monday! :-D


  9. What a lovely plate, Carrie. I too hope to see more B&G nativity Christmas plates.

  10. Your plates are beautiful and a treasure. thank you for sharing them.

  11. Love your lovely blue plates ~ Thanks for visiting me.

  12. Hi Carrie,
    Your blue plates are lovely. Even from the photo you can tell what fine quality they are, they look almost silky. I have a thing about plates and love blue so this is perfect. When I lived in Dubai and was there for Christmas so far from home, I reminded myself the three wise men crossed that area following the star. Nice post. ~Cathy~

  13. Carrie,

    It's always lovely to hear from you! :) Have a wonderful day!

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    I am running way behind this week on my Blue Monday visits but I am riding as fast as I can.
    You have some of my favorite plates I am so happy to see someone post them for Blue Monday.
    Blessings to you .Thanks again for sharing these lovely plates.You have a wonderful collection.
    have a fantastic rest of the week !
    Blessings :)

  15. Hi Carrie. Nice pictures you have here. Tq for sharing. Happy Blue Monday. Tq for visiting me and leaving a sweet comment.

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  16. These are beautiful plates. Thnks for sharing them with us. I have found all the different post so interesting. Thanks for dropping in on mine.