Monday, October 10, 2011

Orrefors Nativity Themed Christmas Plates

Several posts have been devoted to collectors plates with a nativity theme. From Scandinavia, we’ve seen blue and white plates from Denmark by two manufacturers.

From Royal Copenhagen comes this 7 1/4" diameter plate dated Christmas 1972 on front. It depicts Three Wise Men on Camels with palm trees in foreground.

Here is another plate from Denmark. It depicts the "Star of Bethlehem." It is made by Bing & Grondahl and is dated 1922. It is 7" in diameter and depicts the town of Bethlehem with the star above and inscription below: "Julen Aften 1922."

And from Norway by the Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrik,
The Three Wise Men 1969

An Angel and Two Shepherds 1972

Among recent acquisitions are plates from Sweden. These, however, are not blue and white porcelain, but clear crystal. They are annual Christmas plates from the Swedish manufacturer Orrefors.
Here is the original box for the first edition offering in 1973:

View inside the box shows the plate:

The theme of the plate is the visit of the Three Wise Men. They are seen with the Baby Jesus who lies in His manger cradle at the foreground left.

The 1974 plate focuses on the Shepherds receiving the Angels message. An angel hovers above, while several sheep are gathered round about the shepherds:

The 1970’s was a prime time for nativity Christmas plates and these are just a few examples. Search this blog under "collector plates" for more examples from various countries.

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  1. These are nice collection of plates with nativity scene. I love the classic look on the plates. It's perfect to attach some note with christmas messages and hand them to a recipient as christmas present.

    Merry Christmas!