Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crash! There goes the Tree...

On Tuesday January 27, 2009 there were workers on the roof, tearing it up and doing a lot of banging, etc. They were doing a total replacement of the roof. The only problem I had was that the clock in the bathroom flew off the wall directly into the toilet!

On Wednesday, we were having a snow storm, so the roofing contractors did not come. After breakfast I was sitting at the computer in the study when I heard a crashing noise. I went to investigate and saw nothing in the dining room, kitchen, and hall. However, in the living room I saw the lovely nativity ornament tree fallen over into one the upholstered chairs. It had been placed on a round table with a glass top in front of the window. It had probably just shimmied over bit by bit on Tuesday, with the pounding on the roof, until the tri-footed stand just came to the edge of the glass top. There were bits of broken stuff on the floor and on the chair.

Ah-h-h….I had meant to return the decorated tree downstairs to the Carola Nativity Gallery, but had hesitated since it is quite a feat to carry the four-foot tree down the stairs. There had just been so much going around here that I had just been leaving it for another day.
I took off all the creche ornaments one by one, grateful to see each one that was still in perfect condition. I was especially thankful that the damage was minimal: one 1988 acrylic Miniature Creche Hallmark Ornament, (which I’ve glued back together), one blown glass nativity ornament, and two of the ivory glass ball ornaments. Thank the Lord!
(See an earlier post about these ornaments.)

Anyway, I thought that since they were all off the tree I could easily photograph them. With so much work with house painting and other improvements, I never got them photographed. I started to put them back on the tree yesterday, but set the Hallmark ornaments aside. Hallmark ornaments are a treasured American tradition with the annual dated ornaments on family, sport and other popular heroes, and much more. I collect Hallmark angels and nativity ornaments. I will share a few in today’s post.

Above I mentioned the 1988 acrylic Miniature Crèche Hallmark Ornament. This is part of a series that ran for five years from 1985 to 1989. In 1985 Miniature Crèche number one was made of wood and straw and contained brown figures inside.

In 1986 the second crèche was of white porcelain. It is a stylized arch with the Family inside. However, I could not find mine to photograph. In 1987 the third crèche was of copper and brass.

In 1988 the fourth crèche was of acrylic with frosted figures inside. It is star-shaped and has a gilt edging.

In 1989 the fifth and final Miniature Crèche was styled after the Spanish retablo, an art form used by religious teachers to carry the gospel from town to town in the Americas. Double doors open to reveal the Holy Family inside.

This next ornament is exquisitely detailed with and angel and the star at the roof of the shelter housing the figures of the Family with a lamb.

Around the back a vista of the town of Bethlehem and the scrolled and gilt roof:

A 1995 ornament shows figures of Mary holding the Baby Jesus and Joseph alongside. They are attached to an oval form. An angel hovers above.

On the oval back it reads "A Child is born/ The world rejoices!/ 1995.

One of my favorite Hallmark nativity ornaments is this one:

A golden arch hovers above the Family done in a sweeping sculpture. Note the tender aspect of the parents:

I really enjoy my Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, and I hope you enjoyed seeing them too.
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  1. I am glad you were able to save most of your ornaments..
    I posted 3 of my Nativities today too..:)

  2. Oh, I'm so thankful you could rescue your ornaments (or at least the vast majority). How scary that must have been when you saw it! Glad you're okay and that it wasn't the roof falling.


    Sheila :-)

  3. Yes, Kathleen, I was fascinated to see your nativities. The Irish nativity from TJ Maxx is exquisite. I have a three piece set from Lefton that is not so beautifully modelled. I was excited to seee your Dansk nativity set. Did yours come with the other three figures? When I bought my Dansk it was only three pieces (the Family). I did bid on a shepherd once on Ebay, but did not win.

  4. I needed a Christmas spirit boast, so I came to see you!!! Thank goodness so many were spared. Wow! Beautiful collection.