Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage Nativity Postcards

At the turn of the twentieth century postcards were a favorite way of sending greetings to family and friends. A part of my nativity collection items category includes Christmas postcards. Here are some of the vintage ones.

This color postcard with gilt nativity scene is published by Whitney. Made in Worcester, Mass., USA. 5 ½"Lx3 ½"H
Three Wise Men on Camels follow the brilliant Star. Decorated with green and red holly sprigs.

Text on front: "The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee/ The Lord Make His Face to Shine Upon Thee/ And Be Gracious Unto Thee/ This Christmas Time Dear Friend."

Another postcard with a vintage nativity scene was published by Kopplemann, made in USA.
5 ¼"Wx3 ½"H.

A panoramic color scene: Shepherds and sheep, three figures, Donkey and Ox/ Joseph/Mary and Baby Jesus/ one kneeling figure/ procession of Three Wise Men on Camels/ Star above.

Written on back: "Visit Hartford Dec. 18 to Jan 1/ A striking reproduction of the Nativity Scene, with life-size figures before a 100-foot lighted stage set, graces the lawn of Hartford’s Old State House during the Christmas season."

The next postcard was published by Eliasson in Norway. It is a color reproduction of a painting of Mary and Joseph's Flight to Egypt by Jenny Nystrom.

On back of card: "God Jul/ Gott Nytt Ar" Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year.

A color nativity scene and greeting, this postcard is from Concordia Publishing House. Made in St. Louis, MO, USA. 5 3/8"Lx3 ½"H
Four shepherds gaze at the Babe in the manger, while Mary and Joseph look on.

Text under print: "‘Ye shall find the BABE…..lying/ in a manger’ Luke 2.12."

Text of Greeting on front: "All good wishes for Christmas/ and New Year Cheer!/ May He who on this blessed day/ Was born an infant small/ To you His love and joy display/ And be your all in all!"

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  1. These are beautiful. I love old postcards. I'm glad I found your blog, it's very interesting.

  2. What gorgeous Christmas postcards..i love collecting vintage cards too :)

  3. Those are really pretty. I found some trading cards with similar designs in my mom's closet. I keep meaning to post them. She had Nativity but also other cards with the parables and stuff. I call them her Jesus Collector Cards - I didn't find any bubble gum with them though. lol.

  4. I adore old postcards, especially Holiday ones. Very nice!

  5. Your collection is so extensive and interesting. I love old postcards.

  6. Wow! Interesting...then again, I think you are a most interesting, amazing lady. Honest I'm trying to put up my nativities... I'm not sure I'll get many out this year on the inside of my house or outside. (2) so far... to many family trouble, but that ok.. life is still good
    Thanks, Nanette

  7. I always have great anticipation when I visit you, your collection is just out of this world. I really enjoy your blog. These postcards are wonderful. I loved looking at them.

  8. Wonderful and so interesting! You have an amazing collection!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  9. Post card passion- just another form of art appreciation. These are lovely.