Monday, October 27, 2008

Materials Used in Nativity Scenes, Part II

In this post I will show a number of unusual materials used by various artisans in devising their nativity scenes.

Tree Thorn, Nigeria. These small figures were hand-carved using thorns from the Thorn Tree which grows in Nigeria. The figures are very light, similar to cork.

Recycled Tin Cutout - Haiti. Here is an instance of crafting with recycled material. This hand painted nativity was produced by the Comite Artisanal Haitien.

Wool – Nepal. This soft nativity set is made of felted wool in pastel colors.

Bamboo - Taiwan. An 8-piece set made of bamboo wood, this vintage nativity scene was made in the Potzu Studios in Taiwan.

Woven Reed - Mexico. This nativity scene was woven by artisans in Tzintzuntzan on the shores of Lake Patzcuaro, State of Michiocan, Mexico.

Beeswax - USA. This creche set is handmade of 100% beeswax, with natural honey fragrance. It is by Candles for Jesse.

Embroidered Canvas - USA. The set is of plastic canvas that was hand embroidered in bright colors.

Capiz shell - Philippines. The thin capiz shell is outlined in goldtone wire.

Plastic toy – Germany. This set is part of Playmobil’s series for children. Each figure is made up of snap-together parts. The stable is of color-printed cardboard.

Draped paper. This vintage nativity set is made of a paperlike material. I added animal figures which are of a woven material.

Stained glass Style. This stylized nativity is made from a panel with stained glass framed in pewter.

Cotton Fabric Beanbag. This whimsical nativity family is made of cotton fabric as beanbags. This allows them to stand upright.

Cornhusk and Wood – Slovakia Corn husk and wood. This set was handmade in Kosice, Slovakia by Katharina Krocanova.

A future post will highlight other interesting nativity sets.


  1. What an interesting collection. I loved the stained glass Nativity.

  2. Such pretty nativity scenes!

    Thanks for your visit and kind words.