Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gorham Crystal Nativity

Sadly, I have not continued to post during the holiday season as I had intended. The end of November found me preparing to host family for Thanksgiving and packing nativities for a display requested by the Italian American Cultural Center in Worcester, Mass.

In this post I will share the nativity set that serves as this year’s centerpiece in the dining room.
It is by Gorham and was made in Germany.

The clear lead crystal is embellished with 24kt gold-plated metalwork.
This set very difficult to photograph, so I made mosaics with photos I found online to give clearer views of the design detail.

The pieces I have in this set include:
Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus
Reclining Ox
Shepherd With Sheep
Angel with Dove
Angel with Gilded Wings
Angel with Trumpet
Angel ornament – 2 7/8”L
Three Wise Men – Gaspar, Baltazar, Melchoir
Inkeeper With Lamp (made in Czech Rep.)
Ram (made in Czech Rep.) The two pieces made in Czech Republic are marked "Shiny Gold™ Full Lead Crystal."


  1. Such a lovely set! Thanks for sharing it. I hope you have time to post more, soon! Merry Christmas!

  2. My mom has a little crystal set (without gold edging) that ALWAYS sits in her kitchen window. As the main dishwasher on holidays, this set always makes me smile. Happy Holidays!!

  3. Any interest in selling this set?

  4. As an FYI, I tagged you for a blog award at <a href="http://www.endomental.com>www.endomental.com</a>.

  5. oops, that's www.endomental.com.

  6. Hello, would you sell the Reclining Ox? If so, how much?

  7. Would you like to just sell the shepherd with sheep or drummer boy. Thank you